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The Small Business Guide To Apple Mac OS X Server

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Business users of Apple equipment are starting to implement an Apple Mac OS X Server to increase productivity while solving the problem of overburdened IT departments.  Apple Mac OS X Server is easy to implement and manage and provides many benefits to small, medium, and large enterprises. If you are looking for an easier way [...]

How to Make your Tablet Run Faster


Having a tablet that hangs at every turn is usually frustrating. The reason why people get tablets in the first place is to be able to work faster and more conveniently. Hence when your tablet speeds start going down, there is a cause for concern. However, for your tablet to be in optimum condition, there [...]

Creating a Zombie Ready Password


It is sad how prevalent hacking has become. As Stopthehacker notes, the zombies are literally everywhere. In 2009, aUkranian gang running a slave zombie network of over 1.9 million was discovered1. This year, it is suspected that the gang behind the onslaught on WordPress and Joomla sites is being run from Russia. Already, they execute [...]

Less Popular, but Wonderful Windows 8 Tricks!


Since the release of Windows 8, you would have come across many tricks to have a convenient use of Windows 8. Here are few that you might not have come across. These are the ones that will make the experience of Windows 8 better and the way you expect it to be. Disable lock screen: [...]

Tips for making an eBook Easier to Write


This article highlights the fact that eBook writing is an easy practice even for beginners. However, this definitely requires eBook writers to learn the basic techniques of writing an eBook. Some examples of such tips and tricks include coming up with an amazing idea, designing an eye-catching cover page, and conducting relevant research to add [...]

Google Web Designer


Guys it is just to update you Google has announced it’s web designer beta, A new tool which can help you to design html 5 sites and ads. You can read more about this on Google official blog Here. You can visit official google page to download web designer beta :)

What Are Condenser Microphones And Why Are They Special?


Condenser Microphones The two principal types of microphone in use today for all types of sound recording, from mobile phones to orchestoral studios, like Air in London, are dynamics and condensers. There are a few esoteric exceptions, such as ribbon microphones, but these tend to have very specific applications. It can be a little difficult [...]

5 Ways To Make Your Ink Cartridges Go Further


  Image by: dave You might not realise it, but chances are you’re wasting money when you use your printer. Ink cartridges are far more expensive than most of us would like, so take a look at these ideas to help preserve your ink and your hard-earned cash! 1) Print Carefully Often if we need [...]